My Web People offers a simple to operate site creator which you can make use of to create your site with no need of having to type even one line of code. It is really straightforward, with a very recognizable user interface. The site creator features a lot of one–of–a–kind website templates which are ideal for a number of website projects, and each site template features multiple color and layout schemes. Last but not least, all design themes are responsive and work on mobile devices.

The site creator is available with all Linux web hosting, VPS, Linux semi-dedicated packages, and dedicated hosting setups, if you opt for the My Web People Web Hosting Control Panel.

An uncomplicated site creator

No coding background is necessary

The site creator built into the My Web People user interface is extremely intuitive. It helps you jumpstart your site via quick point–and–click actions. No need to learn HTML, CSS or other backend language. If you’ve so far worked with a web application or simply a text editor, then you’ll already know how to utilize the site creator.

Via the tool’s dashboard, you can re–arrange page elements as you wish and customize their style with a click of the mouse. Also, you can insert images, videos, and even your own online gallery, etc. in a matter of minutes.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An array of fully customizable themes

Good–looking design themes that look perfect on mobile devices

To set–up a good–looking site, you’ll need a good infrastructure. For this reason, the My Web People’s site creator offers a vast selection of different templates, perfect for any kind of websites – individual pages, online shops, community boards, and so on.

Every website theme is simple–to–customize, with lots of designs, unique color combinations and integrated support for over 100 different fonts. You can change each of these settings with a click. Also, if at any time you wish to change your template and choose a different one, all personalizations you have made will be switched over instantly.

An array of fully customizable themes

Built–in help desk and step–by–step video tutorials

Learn how quick & easy it actually is to create a web presence

The My Web People’s site creator is equipped with a help area which features informative step–by–step articles and videos triggered by the most commonly asked questions by clients.

You’ll be able to check out how to personalize your website template and create an all new page. In addition, you will discover how you can switch your current theme or perhaps add a blog onto your site.

In addition, you could contact us at any moment in case you need prompt assistance with your site.

Video Tutorials