With an .htaccess file, you'll determine how the web server that deals with the requests to your Internet sites have to act in a variety of cases. This is a text file with directives that are executed when somebody tries to open your site and what happens next will depend on the content of the file. For instance, you could block a specific IP address from accessing your website, therefore the server will decline your visitor’s request, or you can forward your domain name to an alternative URL, so the server will direct the visitor to the new web address. You can also use customized error pages or shield any part of your site with a password, if you place an .htaccess file inside the correct folder. Many well-known script-driven apps, such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, use an .htaccess file to work correctly.

.htaccess Generator in Web Hosting

When you get any of our web hosting packages, you can take full advantage of our intuitive .htaccess generator tool, which is part of the Hepsia CP. You shall not need to know what syntax the various directives in such a file must have, because our tool is very simple to use and you shall only have to check boxes or enter URLs, so you can certainly use an .htaccess file even when you have never had a hosting account before. Our .htaccess generator offers a large amount of options - you may block IP addresses, set the first page that loads when someone opens your website, create password protection, redirect a domain to another web address, enable PHP in HTML files, enable Server Side Includes, plus much more. You shall even be able to set a different PHP version for each one of your Internet sites.